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Pairwise Testing

Combinatorial Test Case Generation


Available Tools

Tool Authors Notes
CATS (Constrained Array Test System) [Sherwood] Bell Labs.  
OATS (Orthogonal Array Test System) [Phadke] ATT  
AETG Telecordia Web-based, commercial
IPO (PairTest) [Tai/Lei]  
TConfig [Williams] Java-applet
TCG (Test Case Generator) NASA  
AllPairs Satisfice Perl script, free, GPL
Pro-Test SigmaZone GUI, commercial
CTS (Combinatorial Test Services) IBM Free for non-commercial use
Jenny [Jenkins] Command-line, free, public-domain
ReduceArray2 STSC, U.S. Air Force Spreadsheet-based, free
TestCover Web-based, commercial
DDA [Colburn/Cohen/Turban]  
Test Vector Generator   GUI, free
OA1 k sharp technology  
TESTONA Assystem Germany GUI, free for non-comercial use
AllPairs [McDowell] Command-line, free
Intelligent Test Case Handler (replaces CTS) IBM Free for non-commercial use
CaseMaker Díaz & Hilterscheid GUI, commercial
PICT Microsoft Corp. Command-line, open source at
rdExpert Phadke Associates, Inc.  
OATSGen Motorola  
SmartTest Smartware Technologies Inc. GUI, commercial
EXACT [Yan/Zhang]  
AllPairs MetaCommunications Free
ATD AtYourSide Consulting GUI, commercial
ACTS [formerly: FireEye] NIST GUI
Bender RBT Inc. BenderRBT GUI, commercial
Pairwise Test Case Generator TestersDesk Web-based
Combo-Test The Australian eHealth Research Centre Command-line, free
IPO-s [Calvagna/Gargantini]  
VPTAG [Robert Vanderwall]  
SpecExplorer Microsoft Corp. GUI, free
IBM Functional Coverage Unified Solution IBM GUI, commercial
CombTestWeb Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Web-based, free
Hexawise Hexawise Web-based, free & commercial
PictMaster IWATSU System & Software Spreadsheet-based, free
NTestCaseBuilder [Murphy] .NET library
tcases [Kimbrough] Command-line, Maven plugin, free
Pairwiser Inductive AS Web-based, free & commercial
NUnit Poole et al Unit test framework
ecFeed ecFeed AS Standalone, Eclipse plug-in, and jUnit runner
TechQA   Web-based, free
Pairwise Online Tool [Dementiev] Web-based, free
JCUnit [Ukai] Unit test framework
CAGen SBA Research Web-based and command-line
CTWedge University of Bergamo Web-based
CAMetrics SBA Research Web-based
SQA Mate Tools: Pairwise [Sotskov] Web-based
AllPairsPy [Hombashi] Python library
Pairwise Pict Online [Tamura] PICT on the web
CoverTable [Yasuyuki] Python and TypeScript. Open source
UnitTestDesign [Dolgert] Julia library
Pairwise Generator [Kuptsov] Web-based
Kiwi TCMS Open source community Web-based. Supports manual testing.
AllPairs4J [Pavelicii] Java library